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Taking a new direction within my decorating business, I have ventured into designing for children, focusing on nursery & juvenile room design.


Creating a one-of-a-kind space for the little ones allowing for a unique niche that Custom Decorating by Catalina is known for. 

Caty's Cribs offers excellence and exclusivity that can not be mass produced along with the vision from an experienced decorator/designer.
A space is influenced by several factors; first, necessary function; second, personal taste; third, availablity; fourth, budget. 

Caty's Cribs attempts to break tradition with innovation, passion, creativity and fashion by applying the type of vision and fresh perspective not often allowed into this market today.


As a designer I appreciate the love, time and effort required in making a space inhabitable. A child's room is never set in stone, it needs to evolve and keep pace.

I also welcome the opportunity to create one-on-one with you for all your decorating needs.

Caty customizes the decor for your child's by room making it attainable and affordable.

Affordable. Attainable.

Introducing the details and novelty provided by Caty's Cribs will help create a room that is easy to enjoy and a happy memory.

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